Applications of high precision reduction gears TwinSpin in robotics:


  • 6 Axis Robots

- high positioning precision, smooth run, low vibrations, wide range of torques (18 to 4500 Nm) possibly covering all 6 axis, wide range of sizes and ratios, excellent wrist axis solution.

One of the best examples where full advantage of TwinSpin characteristics can be exploited is in the movement of all 6 axis in robots. They generally require high torsional and tilting stiffness, and precision of positioning. Articulated industrial robot with 6 controlled axes and a 50 kg wrist load capacity is typically used for tasks like welding, machine tool slaving, handling, polishing, and loading/unloading presses.

For these types of applications, TwinSpin is suitable in rotary joints, mainly because of its compact design, and small size. Radial-axial bearings integrated directly inside TwinSpin simplify the robot´s design, and generally lower the manufacturing costs of the robot as well.

  • Scara Robots

- excellent dynamic performance, high torsional and tilting stiffness, smooth run, low vibrations, compact design, easy installation, reliability and long lifetime.

Through the application of TwinSpin in the joints of the SCARA robot, you are able to achieve a more compact construction of the drive system. At the same time, the total moment of inertia reduced to the motor shaft is significantly decreased. This, with the high speeds and dynamic moments of the robot, has a positive effect on the drive load, and positively influences the precision positioning of the robot. The integrated radial-axial bearings inside the reducer substantially simplify the design, and can decrease the manufacturing costs of the robot.

  • Rotary Tables

Use of TwinSpin in rotary tables can provide the customer with high stiffness and load capability of the output flange, compact design and high positioning and repeatability precision. This type of rotary positioning equipment is generally used in automated manufacturing and/or assembly processes, where the requirements are for high repeatability. Design of rotary tables with TwinSpin is substantially simplified which also decreases the cost of the system. Typical examples of application are in the food and glass industry, packing and filling machines, and general assembly systems.

  • Gantry Robots

- high torsional and tilting stiffness, high power density, excellent dynamic performance, compact design, easy installation, reliability and long lifetime

  • Manipulators

- high power density, high positioning precision, high torsional and tilting stiffness, compact design, easy installation, reliability ang long lifetime. 


Other examples of the applications:

  • Humanoid Robotics
  • Broadcasting Robotics
  • AGV
  • Welding Positioners
  • Transportation Systems
  • Pallet Changers

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