Pignon arbré précharge -

Series 74 - Pignons arbrés avec précharge


Pour réduire le jeu entre pignon et crémaillère, ATLANTA propose un arbre à pignon pré-charge pour les servomoteurs HT et HP.

Technical Datas:

  • Matériel 16MnCr5
  • Pignon classe 7
  • Dents durcies et moulues
  • Taille des pignins :
    Distance centrale des servomoteurs HT 50 à 100 mm
    Distance centrale des servomoteurs HT 50 à 125 mm
  • Module 2 à 8

Pre-load Pinion Shaft





Description of operation

Pre-load pinion shafts consist of an output shaft, a helical split pinion and a pre-load unit. The split pinion is manufactured as a unit with an axial distance of s = 1 mm (m = 2...4) and s = 2 mm (m = 5...8). By reducing the distance between the pinions (axial displacement of the outer pinion) the backlash is reduced and pre-load initiated when teeth are in mesh with the rack. A defined pre-load torque between rack and split pinion can be produced by means of the pre-load unit.

We offer 3 different sizes of adjusting wrench.


Lubrication recommendation

Felt gearwheel or sliding brush with grease supply by means of an electronically controlled lubricator. Due to the elasticity of the teeth, the felt gearwheels can be used even with maximum backlash compensation.